When Team MC Met Gok

The fashion world can be an intimidating industry with a reputation that you can only truly enjoy clothes and stay on trend if you are a 6ft size zero model. However, times have changed and more and more people are becoming more comfortable in their skin and wearing whatever they feel good in. This recent change in the fashion world is something we love here at Mandi Candi, and one major advocate for this view is Gok Wan. Gok has the power to make women of any age, any size or shape feel fabulous and love herself. He makes fashion fun again, which is what it should be about- we should all be able to dress up and feel great about ourselves and feel excited to wear clothes! Gok has spent his career helping women find their inner confidence and inspire them to dress how they want and make them feel happier in their bodies- what we are trying to get at here, is that we really, really love Gok Wan.

Gok Wan

Once we got the call from Gok and his team, we decided on two locations- Glasgow and our hometown Dundee, and straight away got to work planning on what outfits to share with Gok and of course, all of you! One of our favourite factors about this show is that the models varied in age and sizes, this really helped convey to everyone that we are boutique that everyone can enjoy.

The first of our shows was in Glasgow, so we packed up our outfits and headed off at 4.30am with coffees in hand… a lot of coffee.

The Glasgow show was based in the beautiful Grand Central Hotel and showcased amazing boutiques from all around Glasgow and surrounding areas. The show was filled with great food, great fashion and of course the drinks were flowing. You know you are on to something good when you’re welcomed to an event with a cupcake and glass of bubbly.

Gok Cupcakes

(credit to Bradford Bakers )

Gok managed to inspire the room with his motivational speeches, teaching us ladies how important it is to create a waist and just how much difference a good bra can make- seriously my mind was blown by how much your body can change just by hiking those tata’s up.

Grand Central Hotel

Gok Brunch

Gok and Team MC


Gok’s Fashion Brunch is coming to Dundee this Saturday (the 11th) and we cannot be more excited to relive the magic again and to see all the amazing independents of Dundee showing their collections.

The link for Gok’s Fashion Brunch Club for more information and tickets can be found here.  Dundee has unfortunately sold out, but for everyone who has tickets-we can’t wait to see you, you are in for an amazing day!

Gok Gif

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