Keep Cosy and Chic This Christmas

December is finally here, the month of Christmas and Christmas parties! Which basically means lots of food and lots of wine and generally everything I live for. There is no arguing that this is the best month of the year. The downfall to this season however, especially for an eternally freezing person like myself, is definitely the cold- is it just me or is Jack Frost on steroids this year?! HOWEVER there is always a silver lining, we have a list of the cosiest things around to keep you warm this December.

1.       Knitwear


Time to whip out that granny jumper, knitwear is officially cool to wear in December. Scratch that, cool or not these jumpers are essential for survival. It’s a scientific fact that you are unable to survive Scotland in winter without a chunky knit. (Please do not check up on that fact as I’m 99.9% sure I made that up on the spot. I also haven’t referenced since University- but you get my point, it’s really cold here.)

2.        This Shearling Jacket

Shearling Jacket Mandi Candi

We are obsessed with this Lola May jacket we have in stock at the moment, not only does it look amazing on but you basically become a fluffy sheep, have you ever seen a cold sheep? Me either. Click here to get yours now.

3.       Unicorn Slippers

unicorn slippers

I had the privilege of owning a pair of these bad boys last year and had the cosiest, most magical feet around. That was until my dog decided commit a unicorn homicide and rip them to shreds. Evil pug.  

4.       Our Snow Leopard Parka

Parka Mandi Candi

It’s impossible to be cold in this parka, there is so much fur- faux of course- that you could literally wear the skimpiest of tops and still be toasty. This is very similar to our best-selling camo fur parka, just a slight change of colours and patterns. Get yours now.

5.       Little Sweaters For Your Cups of Tea

Mug Sweater

You literally can’t get any cosier than this. Your cosy drink can have its own cosy jumper. Are you sick of the word ‘cosy’ yet?

6.       Cardigans


There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up like a blanket with a big cardigan. We have a full range of cardigans ranging from different colours and sizes. Check them out here.

7.       Mermaid Blankets

mermaid blankets

We have seen these everywhere and we are obsessed. You could never be sad in a mermaid blanket, you have become a mermaid, and this is what every girl dreams of. 10/10 would buy. Bravo.


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