Trend of the Month- 90s Grunge

Fashion in the 90s can be considered ground breaking. Women decided to ditch the glitz and glam and become rebellious with the “cool girl” label. Girls were colliding feminine and masculine looks together for a new fashion term which quickly grew to be defining for the 90s: Grunge.

Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs led the pack with this new and exciting idea, taking inspiration from the streets and creating the “too cool to care” look which captivated the decade. Kate Moss had become well known for her “heroin chic” look; music and fashion came hand in hand, and everyone sought to be a part of it.

 This era is one of my favourites in fashion history and I couldn’t be happier to see it make a comeback for 2016. With added modern twists, the trend has a new unique feel to it.

90's grunge girl

With music being one of the key inspiration for fashion in the 90s, it isn’t surprising that the most popular area of this trend has got to be the vintage band tee craze. Wear them in true 90s style with a flannel shirt and ripped jeans, or add a 2016 twist by dressing them up with leather skirts and heels.

vintage band tees

Mandi candi band tee

Speaking of flannel, we have plenty for you! This is such a key area of the grunge trend; and we have the perfect shirts for you to wear it oversized, tie it round your waist, layer it with denim jackets.

mandi candi flannel

Jackets have had a huge grunge rework this season, with added studs, embroidery and fringe. This is an easy way to start off with the grunge trend, using the jacket as your key piece to your outfit.



fringe jacket

studded jacket


It’s not only the fashion world that have 90s fever- the beauty world has hopped onto the 90s nostalgia train. Dark smokes with the dark lips and grungy hair is a huge hit this season.

90s makeup

90's makeup


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